Feasibility, Land Survey and Real Estate Development

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With our 25+ years of experience, we help you make the right decision. We evaluate the most suitable land survey for your investment from a technical and financial point of view and minimize your risk.

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- Market research

It is evaluated what our economic returns such as the estimated cost, individual price, how much we can sell in which market or market segments, the sales periods, the exports and employments we will provide, and the added value of our new product, service and project features that we are considering. For this purpose, detailed market research is carried out.

- Evaluation of the Place of Establishment

The cost of our business should be higher than the benefits it will provide in return. For this purpose, we aim to have the place where we will invest in a suitable place. We choose the most rational establishment location by considering raw material, energy, workforce, market aptitude, transportation opportunities, development opportunities and many other factors.

- Financial Evaluation

The total cost of the investment, the structure of its fixed and variable expenses, the needs of the working capital, the cash flows by months and years, and the cash flows after the financing program goes into production, the break-even time and when the investment will turn into Profit are evaluated.

- Technological Review

Our techniques and technologies to be used, our raw material needs that may arise, our machines and equipment brought by them, and their data analysis, settlement plan, supply sources, the number of employees that will be needed in our business and employee characteristics are evaluated in this section.

- Legal Evaluation

The evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the effects of the laws, regulations and regulations that must be followed in this process on the investment is made in this section.

- Project Study

These are the studies we have carried out to test the response of the layers of our land to the situation, location, type of geological structure, depth, thickness, density, electrical resistivity, seismic velocity, acceleration, underground water depth and the remaining dynamic parameters of these layers in the face of a possible earthquake. As a result of detailed examinations, it is understood and reported whether the ground information to be used in the design phase of the structures to be built on the subject area is determined, the risk level of our soil-stone type regions located in different layers, in terms of earthquake risk, and the distance to a possible fault line, as a result of detailed examinations. The design phase of the construction on the ground is of vital importance. This report predicts the effect of the loads that occur during the earthquake and guides the construction of the structure that is built from materials and sections that can carry these loads. In particular, the preparation of our maps and an accurate ground survey study in accordance with the rules in the ground surveys to be made are necessary in order to minimize the damage in earthquake zones.

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Feasibility, Land Survey

Finding suitable land or making its study.

Project Management, Design

Creation of infrastructure and architectural projects.

Construction Applications

Industrial facilities, prefabricated, reinforced concrete and steel structures.