Construction Applications

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With the slogan "Every project is our best reference", we build quality, solid and dream structures in Industrial and Industrial plant applications.

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- Precast Concrete,

We produce in factories before construction and put them into service. This production is done according to the needs and we create the desired features in the form of content. Thus, the time to deal with concrete during construction is shortened.

- Structural Steel Buildings;

-Steel hangar structures,

-Steel factory buildings,

-Steel factory buildings,

-Steel sales offices,

- Light Steel Buildings;

-Light steel offices,

-Light steel sample flats,

-Light steel residences,

-Light steel schools,

-Light steel hospitals,

-Light steel social facilities,

- Prefabricated Buildings;

-Prefabricated construction site buildings,

-Prefabricated construction site buildings,

-Prefabricated offices,

-Prefabricated dormitories,

-Prefabricated schools,

-Prefabricated dining halls,

-Prefabricated hospitals,

-Prefabricated social facilities,

-Prefabricated houses.

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Feasibility, Land Survey

Finding suitable land or making its study.

Project Management, Design

Creation of infrastructure and architectural projects.

Construction Applications

Industrial facilities, prefabricated, reinforced concrete and steel structures.